The biggest Theatresports in Japan ever!

I am very happy to announce that Theatresports(tm) at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre by the League of Tokyo Theatrical Art University were big success! Thank you so much for your warm message! It was encourage us to jump in to such a big adventure. Deeply I would like to say "Thank you"!!!!!!
We got the total over 1000 audience( a lot of people who have never seen Impro or Theatresports ) by the show(5shows). And a lot of theatre and theatre education industry people came to see the show and they love theatresports and told me how important to learn impro for theatre people and Theatresports & impro are the best way.The show seems like the ad-tower to mention Theatresports & impro in Tokyo.
The 35 cast member(19 to 21yeas old) were amazingly powerful and charming. We created the stage like outdoor athletic and the teams were like kids who play in the space. The light and sound crew were also by students. They did impro light and sound. It was also amazingly fun. We crated wonderful scenes. 
And I was very honed that Yoko Narahashi(International casting director) who is introduce Theatresports first time in Japan in 1994 came to see the show as judge. She was very pleased that we have kept doing Theatresports in Japan. 
These photos is me and Yoko, and me and the audience. (I will put more stage photos later!)